Twista feat. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx - Slow Jamz

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Lyrics for this video
Are you gonna leave, say that you gonna leave


She said she want some Marvin Gaye/
some Luther Vandross/
a little Anita/
will definately set this party off right (gonna leave [x5], well well, well well)

She said she wants some Ready for the World, some New Edition/
some Minne Riperton will definately set this party off right, yes it will(gonna leave [x5], well well, well well)

Verse One

I told her to drive over in yo new whip/
Bring some friends you coo wit/
Imma bring the Cool Whip/
Then i want you to strip/
See you is my new chick/
So we get our grind on/
She be grabbin/
Callin me Biggie like shine home????/
Man i swear she fine holmes/
Why she always lyin though/
Tellin me them diamonds/
When she know they rhinestones/
She got a light skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson/
Got a dark skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson/
I play Ready for the World/
She was ready for some action/
My dogg said you aint no freak/
So you gotta prove my man wrong/
Imma play this Vandross/
You gon take yo pants off/
Imma play this Gladys Knight/
Me and you gon get right//


Verse Two

I got you looking at the glitz on my hands and wrist/

While im layin back and smokin on my cannabis/
When it come to rockin the rhythm like Marvin and Luther/
I can tell you there ain't no messin wit Kan man and Twist/
From the chi and I'll be sippin Hennesy, play some R&B;/
Wanna smoke a B, looking properly feeling on a G and always(well well, well well)/
Come wit me and sip on some evelyn champagne/
You would know Twista can work it liek the whispers/
Hit the stop light, move into some Issac
His rims still movin, so im pumping little spinnas/
While I'm smokin on a B/
Dippin through the streets,
bumpin R&B;/
And i got the heat, on them twenty-threes, and i do it (well well, well well)/
When my earth, the wind smoke and fire/
Let me get ya sheets wet, listenin to Keith Sweat/
Put you in a daze, amaze/
Fulfillin our every temptations, slow jammin havin deep sex/
You ready for the world girl/
Come and go wit me/
I touch you all over ya body baby dont say no to me/
And there aint no noteably controllin me/
I'm lovin the way you be holdin me when i be listenin to Jodeci/
And when i come ova and bend ya ass/
You be bumpin to Teddy Pendergrass?/
I dun hit it from the back/
To the melody and rode it slow/
Now i gotta go up in it fast/
But imma finish last/
No matter how much of a thug you see/
I still spit it like its R&B;/
Come to the club wit me/
And when some Luther come on, I hope we feelin me and we can make it lovely/


Baby drop another slow jam/
And all we lovers need to hold hands/
And if you aint no man, hop up in my Broham/
I keep it pimpin like a old man/
You gots to roll wit the plam
'cause if not then I'll take you to, my home, and i have to bone/
Stay up in the zone, gotta get you home/
I dont want no ????, and i do it (well well, well well)
(Repeat to end)
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